Upper Body: 5000

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Retribution Upper Body
  • Maximizes function with anatomically constructed design for ultimate comfort and mobility.
  • Enhanced flexibility and widened shoulder/arm/chest areas allow for added protection and optimal net coverage.
  • Lexan, plastic and high-density foams offer maximal chest and body protection
  • Customized for your sizing needs and protection with adjustable and flexible elbow protection, upper extremity system and wrist straps.
  • Increased rebound control chest and shoulder pad design
  • Built in throat guard (not designed to replace your current collar)
  • Extensive use of _" HD-80, LD-45 Plastazote foams for enhanced protection, durability and reduced weight.
  • Belly pad blocks designed for equalized force distribution
  • Multilayered shoulder, clavicle and sternum pads for maximal protection
  • Fully reinforced and adjustable back harness for added protection and superior fit
  • Full 420 Denier nylon construction
  • Heavy duty 3mm lacing used for adjustable protective areas
  • 100% Brass eyelets
  • Floating rib pad
  • Customize your colors
Price & Sizing
Model: Retribution
Price: $650.00 CAD - Convert to USD
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