Accessories and Clothing


TOE BUCKLE ASSEMBLY(1strap 2 buckles with strap and hardware)$7.00
TOE BRIDGE ASSEMBLY (2bridges with hardware and lace)$20.00
36" Thigh Straps (White / Black / Red / Blue / Gold / Maroon)$8.50
Large Thigh Board (Barricade Style) lace on$60.00
Knee and Thigh Guard for use on pads without knee locks and thigh guards (2 guards)$60.00
Senior Blocker Repalming (BS-2100 CLARINO PALM *THE BEST*)$45.00
Junior Blocker Repalming (BS-2100 CLARINO PALM *THE BEST*)$40.00
Hockey Glove Repalming (leather or synthetic palms) per pair$45.00
Lexxan (Clear Plastic) throat Shield as worn by many NHL goalies$30.00
Sliding toe bridges with hardware and lace$35.00


100% Cotton Golf Shirt with embroidered logo$36.95
100% Cotton Sweatshirt with embroidered logo (Heavy Material)$55.00
100% Cotton 6 panel baseball cap (Similar to STARTER)$23.99

Custom Embroidery

Custom Embroidery on Equipment$10.00 ea.