Custom Goal Equipment

Who We Are

Since 1992, Scott Battram has been building high quality, handcrafted, custom goal equipment that has been used by goaltenders all over the world. From humble beginnings in the community of Woodstock, Ontario CANADA, Scott Battram is a self-taught artisan whose products are second to none. Battram products are regarded by the ones who know, and who have had the pleasure to use, as some of the best available protective equipment for goaltenders. You won’t see our products in the NHL, as we cater to the everyday goalie who desires the ultimate in protection and function at a reasonable price.

Scott is involved in the entire process, from ordering to designing to building. This intimate level of personalized customer service ensures your expectations will be exceeded. Each item is made in Norwich, Ontario CANADA, by a small team of highly skilled professionals with decades of experience in the industry and a passion for perfection!

The options for stellar custom graphics with Battram products are limited only by your own imagination. Simple stock designs in the colours of your choice are also always available. No matter what you select, rest assured you will be getting the ultimate form, function, and durability in goalie gear.

What We Do