Custom Goal Equipment


All Battram products are constantly evolving and remain current with the latest trends and performance innovations allowing goalies to play at the best their abilities. The 2020 Retribution line has several improved features and design changes, using the finest materials available. We don’t need gimmicks to sell our items, because we offer quality, proven products.

  • Standard flat face pad design
  • Redesigned internals producing a lighter-weight, stiffer pad for improved performance
  • Solid, two-piece gusset foams ensure optimal flexibility and weight reduction, utilizing DOW Ethafoam
  • Dual layer HD and LD foams create a solid pad core while still maintaining torsional flex
  • Solid, two-piece knee lift system, with changeable thickness spacer pad that will provide the most stable landing surface of any Battram pad to-date
  • Standard break (internal knee, external knee) with square vertical roll
  • Standard break (internal knee) with low profile solid vertical roll
  • Extensive use of Plastozote HD foams in calf wings, knee wings and internal core
  • Use of Plastozote LD foams through the entire pad
  • Clarino construction with high quality Oxford nylons
  • Battram products carry a limited one year warranty (some restrictions apply)
  • Weight varies by pad size/height and design. Average weight of a 35" pad with stock graphics is approximately 4.8 pounds
  • Sewn-in toe bridge with hole spacing to accommodate users preferred toe tie system,will ship with standard lacing cord
  • Optional QUICKSTRAP toe system, mountable to standard toe bridge (elastic & Velcro system for improved pad rotation) (+$20 CDN with purchase of pads)
  • Knee system features Velcro-piggyback fastening design to secure the complete knee stack
  • Knee options: flat face; solid knee plate; 3 segmented knee plate; 3 segmented foam- filled
  • Newly designed calf wing and lift system incorporates both calf protection and lift into one streamlined unit that will wrap around the leg for maximum stability, while minimizing stress on the hips, knees and ankles
  • Customizable moveable Velcro strapping to create the perfect fit, offering many options
  • Standard strap setup is the newly engineered QUICKSTRAP system, featuring 3 elastic straps and Velcro fasteners, along with 1 nylon webbing Velcro boot strap, to provide excellent pad rotation and weight reduction

Optional Pad Features

  • Vertical roll options: low profile no-break; solid square; 1 break square; 2 break square
  • Internal breaks: knee/thigh; knee; none
  • Strap setups: Quickstrap; all leather (1 knee, 2 shin, 1 boot); nylon webbing and plastic buckles (2 webbing shin, 1 leather boot)
  • Thigh guard or thigh board (+$50 CDN)
  • Custom graphics utilizing print or cut & sew technology ($ varies)
  • Custom embroidery of one line of text (i.e. name, number) (+$40 CDN)
  • Personal modifications ($ varies)

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