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To the Battrams:


Thanks for the great job on the blocker...The workmanship is unmatched by any company...Your attention to detail is also unmatched... No unfinisherd seams, no loose threads, Top Notch! all the way around...Comfort and fit seem to be one and the same...This is the first blocker where the finger stalls and the finger pad straps fit right and are sewn in the right place...For the longest time I always said that a blocker is a blocker is a blocker...I can't wait to swat away some pucks with it...When was the last time you heard that about a blocker. As the need arrises I will be sure to replace the rest of my gear with your product...I'm Sold.

Hector Toth
Las Vegas N.V.
Dear Scott and Tischa: 

I wanted to drop you a note to express my complete satisfaction with my Cyclone Combo. I am a forty-seven year old goalie who has always owned traditional style pads, and was always happy with them. However over the years I became more of a hybrid style goalie and when I decided on buying new pads I wanted to try the box type. I heard of your company on the bulletin boards and decide to check out your product. After looking over all of your pads the Cyclones appealed to me the most. They are a good mix of what I was used to and the newer box style pad I wanted to try. The ability to be able to customize every aspect of the pad appealed to me also. I must say your customer service was excellent and the pads shipped to me a little ahead of schedule. I asked for a few mods and every one was done to my specs. I've used the pads for a while now and I must say they are better than I ever envisioned. The Cyclones seem to fit my style perfectly, and I'm butter flying with confidence and taking away the lower part of the net with them more efficiently than with my traditional style pads. The graphics look great and they match my uniform colors perfectly. The gloves are also great and it is the only blocker that I've owned that has fit my hand correctly. The catcher (5000 series) is a big glove with quite a bit more hand protection than I've ever had before and I love the addition of the cheater bar. I'm tending goal better than ever and couldn't be happier with my purchase. If you have any other customers who are skeptical of making the switch, assure them that it will work out fine for them, it did for me. Thanks again for the great pads. 

Bob Stafford
Tischa and Scott, 

My gear finally arrived!!! not that it actually took very long to get here, it just seemed that way. 

It's great. It's excellent. It's incredible. I just wanted to write and say thanks so much for your great work. you guys make and sell a top notch product that is an incredible value. on top of that, you provide custom craftsmanship and excellent customer service. I'm so happy I got my equipment from you, and I can't wait to tell others about the quality of your work and service. I left a rambling message for Scott on your answering machine earlier this evening, but i'll try to call back in the next couple of days, because i'd like to thank him personally for doing such a great job. 

Thanks again and good luck. I'll be in touch when I need some more equipment.

Mike Altobello
Scott & Tischa, 

Just wanted to let you know how well the Battram pads I ordered last summer have worked out for my son. The break-in seemed almost instantaneous, helping Alex to receive an invitation to try out for the Carolina Hurricanes Pee Wee team for the Quebec world championships. Despite being the least experienced of the 11 goalies from North & South Carolina invited to the tryouts last month, he ended up being one of the 2 goalies chosen for the team! This will be a wonderful experience and a lifelong memory for him, and I wanted to express our appreciation to you both for the quality of your products and the assistance in choosing the right size. Having the proper equipment that he could adapt to immediately was a huge factor in enabling Alex to earn the chance to compete in the Pee Wee world championship tournament.

Thanks so much from a *very* satisfied customer!

Dave Taber
Raleigh, North Carolina

Thank you for the GREAT job on Evan's blocker and trapper! The quality is as advertised, and the graphics look wonderful. He has been using them for about two weeks now and the break-in was not bad. Being 10, it took a little time for him to get the idea they needed some work out of the box. However, he did spend some time and is now using them in games. We are very happy with the product and the service you provided, and Evan has told us that we will be contacting you when his leg pads are in need of replacement. I should warn you he said that he wants to wear your equipment when he is in the NHL. It might be a little early to talk about sponsorship! Anyway, 

Thank you again,
Tom and Evan Kearney
Dear Scott and Tischa 

Sorry for the long delay in sending this Thank You. The glove is everything I expected and more. Incredible workmanship and quality the one colour concept turned out great. Even with it being so close to the holidays I truly appreciate the glove being finished on time even with the last minute changes. I look forward to ordering more equipment in the future and have already referred several other goalies I know that were equally impressed with the glove. 

Yours Truly,
Mike Pennington
Mr. and Mrs. Battram,

I ordered a Barricade combo package, receiving it over the summer. I was quite anxious to spend that much money at once on equipment, but it has been well worth it. The pads arrived a few days earlier than the wait time had me anticipating, so that was nice. The leg pads were much bigger than my previous set, but within a week of sparse use (3 or 4 times), my skating adjusted to the larger size. The pads are extremely square, which, as a stay at home goaltender, I find to be a huge asset. They rotate very easily when going down to the butterfly, and are equally quick to return upon rising from the position. I think the flat front does indeed help rebound control. I've found that shots almost always exit the crease parallel to the goal line, as opposed to the shot off the knee rolls coming out unpredictably. The gloves are tremendous, too. I have small hands, and the catch glove fits better than any other that is still as large as the major name brands' gloves. The blocker has a super soft liner between the hand and the blocking surface that I find much more comfortable than other gloves. And all the equipment is very durable, thus far. It felt so comfortable so fast that my first game in these pads was also my first college shutout. Thank you for the great product!

Very Respectfully,
Craig Ryan
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