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Hey Scott,

Just wanted to let you know 2 years+ with my Battrams and still going strong. I recently played in the Can/am tournament in Montreal and went 4-0 to win the gold medal. The funny thing is we knocked off the defending champs and their goalie was wearing Battram pads too! (you must of made mine a little better!) Two years in a row Battram stands alone at the top! Hope all is well with you and your excellent company. You deserve all the best.

New Jersey
Scott and Tischa,

I just wanted to thank you for the job on my new catcher. I have played 8 games with it and all the stiffness is gone. Talk about quick break-in!! The protection the glove offers is great (have not had a stinger yet) and the larger pocket is of course making me look better. Keep up the superb work and I'll be in touch when the blocker is ready for retirement.

Kind regards,
Ken Hamilton

Just wanted to let you know. I played my first game with the new pads only two days after receiving them. I was quite pleased with the way the pads felt. All I had to do was adjust the thigh boards and strap the pads on. There is no break-in required. Straight out of the box and GO! Well done, Scott. 

Dave Kenny
Scott & Tisch:

I must say that I have never decided to buy a product that I could not touch or feel first over the internet. I decided to break that philosophy and try out your product. I was a bit skeptical but after talking with Scott and Tisch I soon realized what kind of company this was. Battram is a customer is King type of company. It was a wonderful experience working with Battram on the custom Cyclone combo. I stretched the limit a little in my design and in return received gear that is top notch quality and offers great protection even at the pro level. It also looks great as the graphic design is awesome. I realized how much work you put into them when I opened the box. They came out exactly how I designed them, thatâ
Scott and my pads today. In one word...PHENOMENAL!! I feel like I got 150% of what I asked, expected, and paid for :). The design is EXACTLY as I imagined it, and they are waaay lighter than I thought [bathroom scale says 4.5lbs. a piece]. Ever the Canpar delivery guy couldn't believe that they were goalie pads till I opened the box and showed'em. I will take them out on the ice on Thursday night and likely take out one piece of the knee lifts. The craftsmanship is unbelieveable, all the stitching tidy, etc... I will definately recommend you guys to anyone who'll listen. Thanks for a wonderful 'custom' experience, I've had a bad one before. Thanks for all the help, and even being receptive to my few last minute changes. 
-Matt Feicht.
New Brunswick
Hi Scott/Tischa, 

Quick feedback for you. Have recieved the pads. Thanks very much, I think they are absolutely fantastic. I can see the excellent worksmanship and have already had many strong comments on how striking and cool they look! They play and feel great, I am happy with the size, I feel pretty used to the change already after only a couple of training sessions. They slide much easier than my Bauers, and already my legs and saves feel much quicker, mainly due to the less friction. 

The service and promptness has been great. I am a very happy customer but you have made a lot of UK goalies jealous that have seen these pads and want them!!! :) If you need any references I am an email away, 

Thanks again,
Dave Hurst ex Slough Jets BNL Goalie
I purchased a pair of Battram cyclones and recieved them in September. Everything about this product is exuisite. These by far are the best pad I have ever used and would tell anyone to try them. I can butterfly in these with absolutely no problem and with the knee lifts it is that much better. They are so light I barely know that they are on. Break in was about 5 minutes and i felt like i had worn them for a year. This is an excellent product and i thank you for the great pads!

Drew Dvorak
Scott and Tischa, 

Thanks again for building my pads. They look great. A lot of people are saying great things about them and wondering where they came from. It only took me two practices to get used to them, which is rare. And that was also a good thing since I'm the league leader in shots against by far, and they saw plenty of action early, and held up well. They really rotate with ease into the butterfly position, and then back again, something I've never seen before. I did take out two of the knee lifts because I felt funny in them, but I love how they bounce me back to my feet quick and so I want to put at least one more back in when I get more comfortable with them. The glove feels perfect, a huge glove that fits my smaller hand, (Just wait till I break it in, shooters beware) I appreciate you making that adjustment for me. All in all I'm ecstatic about these pads, they feel great, look great, play great and add a little more size to my game. These boys are going to help my game physically and mentally. Again, thanks for building my pads, and keeping close contact with me throughout the production. Expect to hear from me when I need a new set! Or when you start designing helmets and pants! Great job! 

Jay McNeil #31
Goalkeeper - University of Houston Hockey Club
Hello Scott: 

This is Rob Sine writing you to tell you that your workmanship is second to none. The graphics are spectacular. The weave is very sharp. The glove is virtually broke in and the blocker has great protection for the thumb and fingers. I have been the owner of Vaughn, Heaton, Itech, Boddam/Simmons and Koho and your equipment is far superior to these name brands at a much more affordable cost. I am very pleased with my purchase and hope to deal again in the future.
I would just like to tell you that the glove that you sent me was simply is one of the finest pieces I have owned and I would just like to say keep up the good work. The Craftsmanship exceeds all others and the custom graphics are 100 times better than I thought they would be. You do a great job there.
Steve Kemmlein
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