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I must say, I'm impressed with my new equipment (picked up 4/12/07) & glad I made the plunge. I'm most impressed by the pads (Fury model) & the 5002 catch glove. The catch glove is amazingly flexible for a brand new glove is virtually the same size as the one was using previously.

The chest protector is going to need some break in time & getting used to (it's heavier & considerably bigger than what I was using) but the protection is excellent. 5001 model blocker needs some getting used to as well (just a different feel than my old glove).

All in all, great stuff, great value & if anyone asks, I'm sending them your way.

Karl Pratter

I received my Verge gloves yesterday evening. I am an avid lurker at GSBB, and took a leap of faith with all the glowing reviews from that message board on your equipment. Let me just say, the quality and workmanship blew my mind. I have been playing between the pipes, (ok, maybe just standing!) for 23 years. I have used various other manufacturers equipment and the gloves I received are miles ahead of anything I have ever used/seen before. I just wanted to send a quick note and thank you for dealing with me changing my mind, screwing up my original design, etc,etc. You are both true professionals and excel in customer service, which makes your equipment that much more desirable. I can't wait for my Blockade Pro's to become a little too old, so that I can get my next set of pads from Battram. You have secured a life long customer and promoter.

Have a great day,
Keith Johnson
Scott & Tischa, 

What a wonderful product! I can't say enough. The set exceeded my expectations in how you implemented the design I had sent to you. I absolutely love the work you have done. 

I wore them for the first time during a game (they arrived on game day). The pads seemed so light I had to try them out. WOW. My butterfly was awesome first time out of the box. The knee cradle worked well, and the medial knee lift helped my Left knee (I've had 4 surgeries to date . . .). This was the first time that I'd played and my knee didn't ache for 3 days afterward. To say that I am pleased with your work is an understatement. I will be glad to be your advocate in Colorado and sell equipment for you!!! 

No kidding, I'm really pleased. I treat many sports injuries in my practice, and you can bet that I'll be recommending Battram to any Goaltenders with knee problems. Great work - and thanks for working with me on this set. 

Alexander Thermos, DO, DC
Rocky Mountain Health Center
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
By the way, I love the chest protector. I used to flinch when taking a shot to the chest. I once got the wind knocked out of me when I was hit in the sternum. Now there is just a loud thud and no pain at all. One of my goalie buddies who is about 48 was amazed at the protection the 5000 c/a offered. He said I must not get any bruises with that and I replied, "Bruises? Heck I've never even gotten a stinger." I've been spreading the word as much as possible. I'm glad to have done business with you.

Joseph McDade
Scott and Tisha, 

Just wanted to let you know I received the Barricade combo and that I am just absolutely amazed at the quality of your work. I am so glad I went with the whole combo set. Each item is just completely unbelievable. I've tried almost every single product there is on the market and the Battram equipment blows them all away. There isn't a single aspect of your equipment that hasn't been completely attended to. I could spend all day writing how completely amazed I am with your gear. I actually took the day off from work just so I could spend it breaking in the gear...and I want to say that I've been working the glove for only a half a day and I can't believe how quickly it broke in. Thanks once again, your products are by far the best I've it's time to take them to the ice! 

Giulio Manfredonia
WOW, I just recieved my Barrage pads in the mail. I dont know how I'm typing this letter to you, as I nearly fainted in amazement. The colors are amazing and the quality is like no other. Every little thing about them is diffrent, yet far better then all pads I have seen or used. And the slide plates are awesome!!! Perfect for switching between sport court and ice. I'm actually sitting here wearing my pads as I type. I haven't even played in them yet and I can tell already they are winners! The glove and blocker are also great. The padding in the palms is soft and the stability it has on my hand is perfect. I can't say enough about them, yet I only had them for 1 hour. Thanks so much Battram Family. I will recommend you to anyone who needs new pads! I know I'll be wearing my battrams with pride! Once again, THANK YOU!

Matt K

I just wanted to give you a bit of feedback about the pair of Cyclone pads I ordered and received recently. I am extremely happy with both the quality of the product and the service I received in the transaction. I have taken the pads on the ice around five or six times and they are exactly what I wanted. They rotate easily, fit perfectly and comfortably, and provide excellent net coverage. The square outside roll is particularly well constructed, as it is very large, very stiff, completely square, and firmly set on the pad. I have been amazed at how effective it is in preventing skip-overs. This, combined with the fact that these pads are (just as requested) exactly, completely, 100% twelve inches wide means that pucks that used to just barely tip my pads and go in now stay out. The bottom line is that I am stopping more pucks with these pads and having more enjoyment playing the game. Thanks, Scott and Tischa. I genuinely appreciate your efforts and you fine product.

Sean Finn

Thank You Very Much for your outstanding customer service and commitment to your customers. I received my Cyclone combo and Lexan Shields this morning. Upon opening the package I was very pleased; The craftsmanship and construction is fantastic, A+ job for the guys in the shop.

I'm really impressed with the appearance of the RoboCop weave material, as well as the super lightness of the pads ( a night and day difference from my old pads ). Furthermore, I would also like to give Scott a big thumbs-up for the design, and the ability to convert the knee from cradle to lock; That removable velcro strap is a really nice mod.

I expect that I'll receive lots of compliments on the new gear from the boyz in my local area. I'll make sure to give Battram a good plug for your hardwork and dedication to your customers. Also, In the near future, I'd like to send you some photos to post on the website.

FYI - I spent quite a bit of time shopping around before deciding to go Battram. I'm especially happy with my decision. I have a very good feeling that we'll do business again in the future; Keep up the good work! 

Thank You Very Much,
Mr Jason M Fritzinger
Slatington PA
Just got off of the ice for the first time using my new Barricade combo, and all I can say is WOW! These pads are everything that I'd hoped they'd be, and more! While the pads admittedly took about 5 minutes to get used to, my butterflies felt faster and more solid (not to mention wider) than ever before. The glove was like a black hole of puck-sucking. I was a bit nervous about going with box style pads, when all I had used before was a more traditional pad, but the Barricades put every doubt in my mind to rest. While I was playing admittedly lower-level pickup hockey, I faced about twenty breakaways in the course of an hour. With my new pads, I was able to stone every shot but one. The other two goalies that showed up loved the pads as well, and when the younger one outgrows his current pads I think he's going to be pestering his parents for a new set of Battrams. He's already checking out your website and drooling over the pictures there. I'll be putting them to the real test tomorrow in a league game, and I can't wait. I'm sure they'll exceed my expectations again. Once again, thanks for the incredible quality and customer service!

Rob Hanz

I wanted to write to you and give you some feedback on your goaltending equipment. As a former NHL goaltender and current professional goalie coach, I have seen and used all of the equipment out there. Your new line of pads and gloves are the best I have ever seen and used. From the WORKMANSHIP to the true customized service I received, I am truly impressed, the pads fit perfectly as measured and were easy to use with little or no break-in. The Black / Gold / Red colours look great and I have received tons of comments on them. Keep up the great work! 

Former Vancouver Canuck, 
Milwaukee Admiral
Detroit Vipers Goaltending Coach of the IHL 

Steve also owns and operates Future Pro Goaltending Schools and Clinics. Based in Ontario Canada, the school is the biggest in Canada with an enrollment of over 300 goalies per summer. Future Pro also does specialized one-to-one training and mail in video analysis. 


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