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Hi Scott,

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my Verge pads. As expected the colours and graphics turned out beautifully. I tried them out for the first time on Wednesday night. I was on the ice for about two hours. The first thing I noticed was that the sizing is perfect. They are taller and more square than my TPS Contours but my knee is in the middle of the cradle and the thighs did not interfere with each other at all. When I drop into the butterfly I can either spread out wide or squeeze my knees tight to close the five hole perfectly. I was most impressed with the rebound control. One of the reasons I was hesitant to try box pads is that I expected them to kick out huge rebounds. That was certainly not the case with my Verge pads. I had the straps fairly snug and they still rotated great and the rebounds died in front of me where I could control them. I will probably loosen the calf straps a little as they felt like they were squeezing my legs too tight. I don't want to remove the calf wedges if I don't have to because I loved the platform they created for my leg when I was down. Both my low and high coverage seems better with these pads because my butterfly is more balanced and controlled which allows me to keep my body erect to cover the top of the net. Keep up the great work! I will be ordering another trapper to match my colour scheme from you in a month or two once my wife gets over the shock of me buying the pads!

I felt bad for coming down last Saturday right after the birth but I thought I was playing on Sunday morning and I had sold my other pads. Turned out the Sunday hockey was cancelled due to Mothers Day! I would have liked to stay and chat but I thought I would let you off easy by not taking any more of your time than I needed to. 

So how are young Brantley and Mom doing? Have you made him his first set of pads yet? I can picture them now. 8" long with an extra 1/4 inch on the thigh rise! Might have to go with a 2.5 inch width on those so they don't hamper mobility! Talk to you later.

David Mitchell
WOW!! is all I can say. I have played goal for over 30 years and over 1500 games and therefore I have owned many sets of gear. I have always been a hardcore BRIAN's fan, but I have to admit that you have exceeded my expectations and have unseated BRIAN's as my go to brand. I cannot say enough about the 5001 glove set. The quality of workmanship, attention to detail, quality of materials is unmatched in my opinion. They have to be the most comfortable gloves I have ever worn. I am impressed so much that I placed another order for a complete set of Deceptors with matching gloves. I cannot wait to get them. Expect more orders from me in the future.

Take care and once again thank you.

Richard Hall
Victoria, B.C.
WOWWWWW!!!!!!! I cant say how thrilled I am with my new 5001 gloves and C/A!! Even though I haven't played goal in 15 yrs. I never pass on the opportunity to try on gloves. Until now my al time favorite gloves was the old Brian gloves. But your glove blows it away. Its amazing how easily it already closes and the graphics are great. Can't say one bad thing about the glove and blocker. C/A was great too. Very big!! last time I wore a C/A, it was a 2 piece set up (15 yrs ago) Only problem may be is that the arms may be a tad bit long. I'm hoping with the straps I can "shorten" them a bit. Thank you very much for everything. Wishing I had gotten my pads from yourself. My next set will be for sure. You have a customer for life (like it or not)

Have a great summer
Scott Chamberlin
Dear Scott and Tischa,

I received my Battram Deceptor goal pads today and I could not be happier. I would like to thank you both for making this a wonderful experience and for selling me such a high quality goal pad. Your customer support is the best I have dealt with, in any field. You gave quick responses, were knowledgeable about the products you were selling, and you were more than amiable throughout the entire process. All in all, you made this experience a wonderful one, and one I wish to repeat again. The goal pads exceeded my expectations. The fit is perfect (much better than my old pads) and I must say, I am very happy Scott was able to sell me on the Deceptor instead of the Barricade because after trying on the Deceptors, I don't know what I'd have done without the nice flex in them. So, thank you for everything. Your unparalleled customer support, your wonderful product, and the great craftsmanship that went into making that product. Battram Custom Goal Equipment will have a returning customer.


Jarred Fisher
Scott and Tisha

I would like to take the oportunaty to say thank you for the top quality of pads and blocker, trapper combo set and chest protector(Deceptor Series). Recieving them 2 weeks after ordered mid Dec 2005 I've played till the end of April 2005 about 65 games. They have held up very well , they aculty still look like new. You play as well as the equipment you have to work with, my game has improve . I have to atribute it to the equipment which has given me confidence to play to a higher level. I have recieved very good value for my money spent.

Morris Winter
Cornwall ON
Scott and Tischa,

Just to let you know my catcher and blocker arrived here in Belfast today.They are *awesome*!

The catcher is a little heavier than I'm used to, but it's so comfortable to wear that I don't think I'll notice it. Straight out of the box it closed perfectly, before I'd even adjusted any of the straps. The blocker feels very light, and there's a *lot* of freedom of movement around the wrist.

I gave them a quick workout in the garden (after enlisting family members to throw tennis balls at me) and they did great. When things go into that catcher, they *stay* in! I have training tomorrow night, and I'm sure that if a bouncy tennis ball stays put inside the pocket, then a puck definitely will. The level of protection looks great as well, but obviously I won't know more until tomorrow - I'll send you guys another mail then so you know how they're working out.

I'm also very, very, very impressed by the workmanship. No loose stitches or rough edges, the graphics look great, and the metallic gold and red looks sharp. Even the gold string in the pocket looks amazing, the photos you sent me really didn't do it

~Sarah (happy as a goalie on Christmas morning)
L'orsque j'ai recu mes jambières et mes gants je n'en croyais pas mes yeux. J'ai par contre décidé de patienter un peu avant d'écrire afin d'être plus objectif. J'étais craintif de faire affaire pour une première fois via internet et de plus avec une entreprise si loin de chez moi, mais après plusieurs visite sur le site et quelques appels téléphonique je me suis lancé. Je crois que c'est l'un de mes meilleurs achat à vie.

Le desing que David à créer pour moi à partir d'un dessin très sommaire m'a renversé. Déja le dessin que j'ai recu par courriel m'a fait "capoter". Il ne fait aucun doute dans mon esprit que vous avez fait progresser l'équipement de gardien de but à un autre niveau.

J'ai bien pris le temps d'examiner de fond en comble mon équipement. Le niveau de qualité se compare avantageusement à n'importe quelles grande marque de niveau professionnel. Le soins apporté à la fabrication est tout simplement incroyable. Tu est un véritable artiste. La qualité des matériaux et du travail est impressionnante. De plus le délais de fabrication déja respectable pour un produit semblable à été plus que respecté il fut devancé de près d'une semaine.

Maintenant pour ce qui est de mes impressions sur la glace. Les jambières m'ont comblés. Mon papillon n'a jamais été aussi efficace, les rebonds tombes pratiquement morts et sont donc facillement contrôlables. J'ai fait modifier les sangles pour quelles soient toutes identiques, de cette facon il m' est possible d'en croiser deux à l'arrirère du genou pour plus de liberté. La mitaine est très flexible, et bien que l'endroit ou elle casse est diférent de mon ancienne, elle ne m'a donné aucun problème. Quant au gant (blocker) c'est comme si javais toujours joué avec. Fait à noter le niveau de protection est incroyable et même supérieur à mon ancienne équipement qui était de qualité pro. De plus, tous les gardiens qui ont vue mon équipement n'en revenais tout simplement pas. Le rapport qualité/prix bas tout ce qu'il y a sur le marché.

Je tiens donc à vous féléciter et remercier pour votre professionnalisme. Je n'ésiterais jamais à recommander votre entreprise à qui que ce soi. J'espère qu'il vous sera possible dans un bref avenir de percer le marché Québécois.

Pierre Babin Caplan, (Québec)
Fier propriétaire du premier combo Verge-Québec.

English Translation:

Dear Scott, Tischa and David,

When I received my pads and gloves, I just couldn't believe my eyes. I decided to wait before writing this testimonial in order to be more objective. I was a bit afraid to deal for the first time through the internet with a company far from my hometown, but after a couple of visits to your website and some phonecalls, I was ready. I think it's one of the best purchases I made.
The design created by David for me from my rough sketch blew me away. I have no doubt in my mind that you bring the goalie gear to another level.

I looked at my gear carefuly and the craftmanship is at least as good as any other « big brand ». The care for small details is unbelievable. You are a true artist. The quality of the materials and craftmanship is impressive. The wait time is acceptable and my order was delivered one week in advance.

Now, my thoughts on the game. The pads were what I wanted. My butterfly never was that effective, the rebounds are falling dead and are easier to control. I was able to modify my straps and to tie them in an « x » for better mobility. The catcher is very flexible, I had no problem with it even though the break isn't what I was using before. The blocker feels like I have been playing with it forever. The level of protection is unbelievable, even better than my older « pro » gear. Every goalie who saw my gear couldn't believe their eyes. It's the lowest price for the quality you'll ever see on the market.

I want to congratulate you and to thank you for your professionalism. I won't hesitate to refer your company to everyone. I hope you will burst in the Quebec's market.

Pierre Babin Caplan, (Québec)
Proud owner of the first Verge-Québec combo.
Dear Battram,

I have now had the same set of gloves I ordered from you 5 years ago. They've endured tons of games and plenty of practices at the "AA" level and are still holding up like a champ. They are by far the best feeling gloves I have felt. When I am in need of a new pair of gloves I will be sure to go through you again!

Nick Spencer
Scott & Tischa,

I can't believe I actually have my new custom set of Verge pads and gloves. Everyone on my hockey team knew I was getting new gear, and they asked me every day if I had them yet. I carried a picture from the combo photo gallery which approximated my pads, and I showed it to everyone. 

I couldn't have imagined they would look so awesome. The graphics are incredible, the colours are perfect, and the fit is amazing.

When I was in the market for new gear, I spent countless hours in the local sports stores, and even travelled a couple of times to Toronto while on vacation to get to the Goalie outlet stores, trying to see all of the different models available from the "name brands". My dad knew I was looking and he said I might want to check out this manufacturer he had heard about in his travels refereeing. I thought "yeah right what is a Battram...", but now I know, and everyone who I meet playing hockey will know too. Nothing really compared to the quality, service and value that I got by finding your website, getting to meet you in person, and building my own set of Battram pads. I couldn't be happier. In fact I'm ecstatic with them. I've already directed a couple of my goalie buddies to your site, and they all have said that they liked what they saw, but I'm not certain that they are in the market just yet. Nonetheless I will keep singing your praises, and telling everyone what a Battram "IS".

Thanks very much for the incredible gear.

Marc Comeau
A proud member of YOUR "Canadian Forces".

PS. I'm already working on getting my wife to ok me buying a second set. You know for the "away" games. ;-)
Hi Scott and Tischa,

I received the Verge catcher. Your turn around time was very quick! I'm happy to say that you got it all right and the graphic turned out perfectly. I'm also impressed with the balance of the glove with it's nice, tight perimeter. I think the weight is similar to my 5002, but it feels lighter when I am wearing it. For my personal desires, the Verge model definitely works better for me. However, the 5002 has been an excellent performer.

The palm protection is impressive! The thickness reminds me of a Koho 560 I had. I don't mind breaking in a glove in this age of hinged or pre-broken in catchers. I think people can tend to be easily seduced by instant break in.

The adjustable neoprene glove provides the nice close fit I like to have without being too tight. The Vaughn 5500 was previously the best feeling glove I ever owned, which is why I went for the Verge. I've lost track of the catchers I have tried that never quite matched it overall.

You did an excellent job of taking the overall feel of the Vaughn 5500 and improving on it. Before ordering with you, I tried on one of the current stock Vaughn 5500s at a shop. To my disappointment, the palm felt thinner than the one I had six years ago, which apparently aided in a more flexible off-the-shelf feel. However, that obviously doesn't hold up very well to hard shots. The glove is breaking in very quickly and is getting close to that tight snap shut feel I like.

Thank you for your excellent work. I'm going to be ordering a Battram blocker to match very soon.

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