Equipment Care

How to Properly Care for your New Equipment

BATTRAM CUSTOM GOAL EQUIPMENT thanks you for selecting us as your supplier of high end custom goal equipment. Whether you purchased a complete set or a single piece, you should expect years of reliable service with relatively low maintenance, provided you follow our recommendations for the care of your equipment.

Please note the way your pads were delivered to you - your pads should look like this after each use. It is important to strap your pads up after each use, as this helps the pads to keep their shape, and more importantly keeps the leather straps in good condition. Many straps that are allowed to dangle become very loose, stretch, and take on a curly shape. Buckle the pads so they are snug when not in use - this will help the straps retain their tension and shape much better. REPLACE ANY STRAPS THAT ARE BROKEN OR IN POOR CONDITION IMMEDIATELY.

Always allow your gear to dry in a warm, well ventilated area - leaving it in your bag makes a great environment for mold to begin to grow. This will make your gear smell and also cause stains on the nylons, especially white nylon. Again, always dry your gear in a warm, dry area.


It is up to you to look after your equipment. Always check for damaged gear after each use, not before (this will give you time to get the problem corrected). BATTRAM builds all equipment to the highest standard of quality, but problems can occur. If you neglect a problem, it will only get worse. On your pads, always check strap and buckle conditions - look for cuts, tears or stitching problems.

Goal gloves - always check the overall condition, paying close attention to the lacing conditions. Get any lacing that is fraying or breaking replaced immediately. Make sure all knots in the lacing are tight and not slipping, and check the condition of all straps and Velcro fasteners. On your blocker look at the palm, as this is the major wear area. If you can see skin through the palm surface, get your blocker re-palmed. This process takes around 20-30 minutes, is fairly inexpensive, and can give new life to an old piece of equipment. We recommend re-palming your blocker every 2 years if you play more than 3 times a week, or replacing it at the first sign of holes wearing in the palm; this will save your hand a great deal of wear and tear.

Transportation & Storage

Carry your gear in a clean, well ventilated hockey bag. Some people carry their goal pads in a separate bag; this keeps them clean, and also makes things easier for you. Once again, thank you and please enjoy your equipment. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.