Breaking In New Gear

How to break in new gear

The only effective way to break-in your product in is to use it on the ice, in practices and games. Many people advocate bending, tying, beating, and various other abnormal ways of breaking-in your gear. Not only will these practises break-in your product in an unnatural way, but they may also damage your product. We have heard of people going to many extremes to break in their equipment, but the one that topped them all was this: "Put your pads in a plastic bag and drive a car over them." This was an actual tip given to a young goaltender by a parent, which I overheard at a goalie school our company sponsored! Do not do this!

To speed up break-in time on pads, you may want to continuously "flex" the pad by placing your hands on the top and making the pad bend at the knee. To speed up break-in time on your catch glove, simply wear the glove and continuously flex it. Because of a special sewing technique employed by BATTRAM to the internal protective layer of the catch glove, your catch glove should be very flexible "off the shelf." Not only with this increase the speed of break-in, but it will also ensure a correct glove closure, unlike many on the market that will not close properly due to break location or just an "un-natural feel".